Standard Proof Card or POCH Cardback Display Case


Supplied complete with individual acrylic stand, this is the latest innovation to protect and display either your Proof cards or POCH (Spanish) cardbacks due to the square bottom corners. (Please see ACC-001 for standard 9″ x 6″ cardback case)

Your collectible 100% encased and protected. Supplied with acrylic display stand.

Suitable for all 9″ x 6″ proofs from various toy lines including Star Wars, GI-Joe, indiana Jones as well as photographs, autographs, adverts etc

Dimensions (Case only not including Stand):
242mm (High) x 165mm (W) x 7mm (Depth)

(NB: the Stand raises the overall height of the product by 12mm max)

– Please note all toys shown are for display only and not included or for sale –

Product Code: ACC-002